At East West Security we provide leading brand, cutting edge technology intercom systems and Access Control, everything from simple audio-only systems, to more complex video and audio systems that allow for buzzing someone into the building. You may be wondering what an intercom system is all about. This type of security measure makes answering the door easy and safe. Intercom systems and Access Control are not merely luxuries, but a common necessary feature in most apartment and office buildings. There are many good reasons to install an intercom system at your home or business. Firstly, having an intercom system increases your safety and convenience by being able to see who is outside your door before you let them in. As for convenience, you can save yourself a long trip downstairs, especially when the person waiting for you outside is a door-to-door salesman, or even have an indoor system allowing you to talk to employees or your kids who are on another level, in the outdoor rumpus room, storage shed or other side of the building. Another great reason to get have an intercom system installed in your home is for your property value. Having this added security feature can be used to your advantage when it comes time to sell your house.

Intercom Systems & Access Control

3 Main types of intercom systems explained:

Wired Intercom Systems – a wired intercom system is installed with a wiring system threaded into the wall cavities, ideally done when a home or building is first constructed. Wired intercom systems generally have the highest quality signal of all the intercom systems, providing the best sound and visual quality due to the high quality, specialised wiring this type of system uses.

Carrier Current Intercom Systems – a carrier current intercom system uses a carrier current which is integrated into the electrical wiring of a building. With a carrier current system, the intercom signal is carried along with the electricity. While offering many of the same advantages of a hardwired system, the cost of this type of intercom system is generally lower than hardwired systems but it doesn't have as high a quality of sound, due to the shared nature of the wiring.

Wireless Intercom Systems – a wireless intercom system uses radio frequencies to transmit its signals. A wireless system is relativley easy to install, while still offering a wide range of expandable options. When opting for a wireless system it is important to determine the range to ensure it suitability to your needs and it is good to note that some wireless systems can experience interference problems with their signal, depending on the system you purchase.

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