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Ducted Vacuum System

East West Security not only offers you state of the art tailored security systems but also ducted vacuum systems!

Ducted vacuums are becoming an increasingly popular must have item in your home.

What is a ducted vacuum?

There are 3 main elements to a ducted vacuum:

  1. A powerful vacuum motor unit which is mounted away from the living areas of your home, such as the garage.
  2. Ducting which runs from the motor unit to various points around the house, ending at strategically installed wall inlets.         These covered inlets are positioned at a low level above your skirtings and are similar in size to a standard light switch.
  3. The last element is the light weight, flexible vacuum hose, which connects into the wall inlets and automatically switches the unit on so vacuuming can begin.

A traditional vacuum needs to be connected to a power point,

may need the help of an extension lead to be able to access each

corner of you home, be carried up and down stairs of multiple

story houses and emptied regularly due to the small capacity of

the waste bag/container.

What are the benefits of a ducted vacuum?

There are many benefits to a ducted vacuum system, one very important fact to note is that the vacuumed air from a traditional vacuum is recirculated back into your atmosphere. A ducted vacuum system removes 100% of everything that is vacuumed up, including dirt, dust, pollens, bugs, odours etc. and does not recirculate back into the air. All traditional vacuum cleaners draw air in, collect the dirt, filter the dirt and dust and then exhaust the air back into your home. Even with the best filters and vacuums on the market it is not possible to 100% completely eliminate all the fine and miroscopic particles. These fine particles can be a health hazard to many people as these particles can lodge deep within the lungs causing breathing difficulties for people whom suffer from asthma, hayfever and allergies. A ducted vacuum is a must have home neccessity for these people in particular as the ducted vacuum is fitted with an external vent so all the dust and dirt which is vacuumed up is transported through the sealed ducting then expelled into the collection container, outside of the living areas of your home. This results in a cleaner and healthier home for you and your family.

The ducted vacuum motor is mounted in a garage or out of the way place, it has a very generous dirt collection container which usually requires emptying only once or twice a year as opposed to the weekly emptying of a traditional vacuum cleaner. As the vacuum is not being pulled around your house it allows the vacuum to have a much larger and more powerful motor than a traditional vacuum and since it is located in a remote location, the sound produced by the vacuum is minimal. Vacuuming at night whilst your family sleeps is now not going to disturb them, TV and music is still audiable and if you have a child napping throughout the day or live with a night shift worker there is no more interruption to their sleep either.

A ducted vacuum sweep inlet is a must in any kitchen kick board! By simply using your foot to 'kick' on (or off )the sweep inlet you can sweep up dirt without the need of a dust pan and broom, the power of your ducted vacuum motor will simply suck it away! A sweep inlet is an ideal addition to your kitchen, garage, laundry or work shop. 

Ducted vacuums are a great selling point and feature when it comes to selling your house. A ducted vacuum is a sought after upgrade that can increase the value of your home - a traditional vacuum could never do that!

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