Frequently Asked Questions:

Audio Visual 

What is Smart Wiring?

You may have heard of Smart Wired Homes, otherwise known as Home Automation or Structured Wiring. Smart Wired Homes is about smart living in your home or business.
Smart wiring allows you to condense all of your cabling requirements to single platform. Centralised cabling also allows you to add and expand in the future, so as technology advances you too can upgrade and stay up to date. Smart wiring can centralise wiring for home entertainment and audio visual, security, internet, PC’s, communication, lighting and much more. This eliminates the unsightly and very confusing knotted mess of cables behind desks, TV units etc. Convenient, clean, organised and concise, helping your home or business run smoother and more efficiently.
Smart wiring can be integrated into an existing home or business building but is far more cost effective to do so at the time of construction. Smart wiring will also add value to your property when it comes time for resale.


Optic fibre, should it be used instead of Cat6?

Optic fibre has an available bandwidth of 400MHz (varying slightly with each cable), so the data transfer capacity is increased and it has a large capacity to carry high speed signals over longer distances. Optic fibre is the most secure medium available for transffering data, it does not need to be protected from EMI as it does not radiate a magnetic field. This makes fibre optics immune to EMI and RFI so it is able to carry data through places where EMI or RFI block transmission. With these attributes it isn't actually possible to hack into the data that is being transmitted through the cable without physically cutting into the fibre itself. Optic fibre has great security benefits but with these benefits you also have the increased price. A standard system using Cat6 and copper is half the price or less than the same system built with optic fibre. Copper electronics can be implemented using readily available tools whereas optic fibre needs a specific machine which heavily contribute to the expense of installation.

Closed Circuit Television

What are the benefits of Cat6?


To realise the benefits you need to understand the basic construction of the cable; Within the data cable there are 4 pairs of cable, made up of 8 different solid strand wires. Each pair is twisted together, this provides shielding from interference from itself, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) , thus allowing data to be transferred over long distances without creating signal quality issues. Cat6 has the benefit of extra plastic and more twists per pair, providing a better shield. It is more rigged therefore the cable is not easily kinked or bent so the rate of data transfer is not compromised.

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What is Cat5e and Cat6? And what is the difference?               

Cat5e and Cat6 are essentially the same thing, they are both data cable. But as we know technology is constantly improving, and this is no exception. Cat6 has a higher quality data transfer rate, where Cat5e has an available bandwidth of 100 MHz, Cat6 has an available bandwidth of 200 mHz.

East West Security can assist you with complete audio visual installation services for your home or business, including:

Home Theatre Systems

Smart Wiring

Phone & Data points / Category 6 (Cat6) cabling

TV points in bedrooms, living rooms and outside areas

Wall mounting of flat screen TVs with concealed cabling

Surround sound, Flush mounting speaker systems

Closed Circuit Television, otherwise more commonly known as CCTV is fast becoming a necessary requirement when adding a security system to your home or business. CCTV is a major deterrent to crime as well as providing protection from liability suits. Video surveillance proves vital when it comes to false claims and theft, CCTV and security camera surveillance can provide evidence in legal and court issues, it is extremely difficult to dispute evidence when it is recorded on video.

Having a CCTV security system installed in your business – with the use of strategically placed warning signs, provides a visible deterrent to possible threats to your staff, your workplace productivity, your stock and your property. CCTV can help reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, burglary and other criminal activity, which can potentially save you thousands.

Monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the world by remote camera security monitoring and intrusion systems with smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC integration. This feature gives you or your staff the ability to monitor your business or home remotley from an integrated device. Motion detectors, alarm sirens and glass break sensors that are also integrated to the security surveillance system increase your protection by providing early warnings of intrusion or other saftey concerns.

Whether you need a CCTV system for your home for added protection of you family and assets or a complete digital system that is integrated into an access control set up, East West Security can provide you with high tech quality cameras, reliable, experienced technicians and cost effective solutions, contact us today!